We are a Hungarian bodyflying and skydiving sports team founded in 2013. We think that bodyflying is mature enough to be presented at the Olympic Games. That’s why we decided to stand up and start an initiative and a community campaign in order to welcome this amazing sport at the Olympics. Please see more about this on the Facebook page of Bodyflying to the Olympic Games As real fans of this amazing sport, we aim to be not only successful athletes, but pioneers of new solutions in bodyflying and skydiving. In order to do so, we have developed new solutions in innovative sportswear like LED clothing, helmet and a communication system that lets multiple flyers communicate with each other in the tunnel at the same time making training and performing so much easier.

Space Devils Sports Club organised a unique indoor skydiving training camp between 10th-17th July, 2017. The training camp dubbed Superheroes’ Camp invited the top professional junior indoors skydivers of the world to provide them professional training by the world classics of wind tunnel sports. Apart from professional development, the aim of the one-week training in Madrid was to blend sports and different branches of art, the outcome of which was a world-class show performed by the participants.

The final show led to the birth of a new genre during the show itself. Atmospheric dance, or atmodance is the fusion of wind tunnel flying and dance with a unique visual world, composed of freestyle and dance elements, choreographed to music. Atmodance brings the unique feeling of flying down to earth, and places one of the most crucial elements of our planet, the atmosphere in a new medium. The new genre quickly gained huge popularity, the teaser movie produced of the show has been viewed by over 1 million people some weeks after launch and this number is still growing.

Amy Watson

(2005) Wind tunnel athlete from Australia

Pál L.Laki

(2005) Wind tunnel athlete from Hungary

Lukács L.Laki

(2001) Wind Tunnel athlete from Hungary

László L.Laki

Founder and owner of Space Devils Sports Club

Choreographers – Trainers

Inka Tiitto- FIN

Yulia Oko-RUS

Jonas Krasa-CZ

Leonid Volkov -RUS

Federico Rawa-AR,

David Reader (2016†)

Kai Kai Bucholz- USA

Dani Roman -ES

Zsolt Króner-HU

Gábor Verebes-HU

Tristan Hampston-UK

Sports masseur-chiropractic: István Fehér
Sports psychologist: Péter Babusa
Marketing manager: Tamás Gereczi
PR manager: Laura Gál